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What Are The 3 Things You LOVE Doing?

Ever since I was a little kid I've loved, loved, loved, the act of creation!
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Sharing Stories of Transformation

Quote from Joseph Campbell about telling your story - Sharing Stories of Transformation

A little over a year ago I was part of launching an idea, an idea I called #couchkills when I created my very first article titled The Lessons I Learned On a Reality Show.

In it, I shared what really opened up for me during my 8-month journey on Biggest Loser where I discovered a whole new way to “create a life I loved, and then how to live it well.

But like many things I’ve created, in the beginning, I have a general idea about what I want to create, but those ideas evolve and change.

And sometimes they change a lot.

So it goes with #couchkills… it’s changing… it’s evolving… a lot.

You see ever since I was a little kid I’ve loved, loved, loved, the act of creation.

I love a blank slate.

I love a new beginning.

I love planning.

I love strategizing.

But truth be told, more often than not, I suck at finishing most things. And for most of my life when I’ve tried to correct that, it hasn’t gone well, and maybe it never will.

So what’s that say about me in others minds? Maybe failure.

What’s that say about me, in my mind?

Well for most of my life, I’ve focused more on what I’ve been doing wrong vs. what I’ve been doing right, but no more.

I’ve decided to not only embrace being powerful at creating and beginning, I’m going to take a deeper dive into what it means, and what I can create as a “Master Beginner” for myself and all of my “Master Beginner” peeps. And I know there are a ton of you out there, and we’re OK. 🙂

The other thing I’ve loved to do as long as I can remember is share.

I love, love, love to share… quotes, books, courses, recipes, restaurants, products, services, stores, locations, places, destinations, websites, apps, coaches, teachers, mentors, and sages…

With my incessant social media postings, I’ve heard from family, friends and followers that I share too much. And maybe I do.

So going forward, I’m going to be more mindful, and try to really share things that inspire people to “create a life they love, and to live it well!” I’m not sure exactly what that looks like yet, and what filter I’ll need to use to edit all I discover, but that’s my intention.

But there is one thing I’m going to be sharing much, much more of, and that’s personal stories of transformation or transformations. More stories like Josh Steele’s story “The Best Years of My Life.

That’s going to be one of the biggest evolving content changes on #couchkills.

When #couchkills was launched, this was my original intention…

We at #couchkills believe that the couch is a place to recover from living your life, not a place to spend your life. So we created this website where we use beautiful photography, videos, and articles to share with you our stories of what got us OFF THE COUCH! If you have a story you would like to share, please contact us.

I still “believe that the couch is a place to recover from living your life, not a place to spend your life” and to make that more valuable and actionable for people, I plan to share a ton of stories of transformation from people all over the world about how they “created a life they now love, and how they live it well!

Those are the stories worth telling, the stories worth sharing, and the stories that can change people’s lives, and even the world.

So I titled this piece with a question.

What Are The 3 Things You Love Doing?

For me, creating and sharing are big, but last and certainly not least is discovery.

And when I say discovery, I mean discovery as in exploration, adventure, and especially travel. And that’s really been missing from #couchkills

No more.

In a separate article, I want to share my earliest recollection of what I believe forever set my desire and passion to discover, explore and live an adventurous life.

Because I want to “tag others” to not only share their “stories of transformation,” I want people to share their stories of “discovery, exploration, and adventure” too.

So wrapping up my latest musings I’ve shared:

The 3 Things I Love Doing!

  1. Creation
  2. Sharing
  3. Discovery

That’s my BIG story, that’s the life I love, that’s the life I’m always creating, and the one I’m excited to live well!

I’d love to hear yours.

The WORLD wants to hear it too!

Share your thoughts in a comment.

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