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These 5 Specific Questions Will Help You Achieve Life Goals

These five specific questions will help to answer what it is your truly want.
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These 5 Specific Questions Will Help You Achieve Life Goals

Without awareness to your current true self, life goals are only dreams. When you become aware of your current true self, actions are inevitable to push you to become your best version of you yet!

I Threw the PLAN Away!

It was a back and forth relationship with Jay at the beginning – him saying he was all in for whatever he was assigned, but his actions were nothing but complete inactions with a lot of excuses attached. So what does that matter to me as his coach, hearing apologies? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! The “Plan” we agree on went right in the garbage. There is no point to force someone to conform and comply with a plan that they have a tremendous amount of catabolic energy towards. [Catabolic energy is the type that is draining, resisting, contracting and is a distraction to you resulting in only seeing a limited view of your available options to make a choice from.] As a matter of fact, we have absolutely no plan at all…..

The only thing Jay is doing right now is taking a step back and being an observer of his life. To BE an observer, he is just learning about the choices he is making regarding his life goals and leaving the judgment of those choices behind. There are no good or bad, or right or wrong choices, there are just choices. How is he doing that and not feeling guilty? Well, I’ll let him share that with you but here’s what I asked. Since he is getting to know himself in a different way than before, I did as for just one specific report back – How does your energy flow throughout the day? I wanted Jay to create the awareness to when he’s at his peak of creativity, action, thought, all the way to his low of forcing himself, irritated, and done.

Jay had his own topic he wanted more awareness of, his food choices. I provided him with five specific questions to answer to help him see if the food items he wants are his true self or really a habit, a craving of an emotion, or something related to the want to feel “freedom,” which in the end doesn’t help him become the vibrantly fit man he wants to BE.

Why do you want this?

What purpose does it serve you?

How will you feel afterwards?

What will you say to yourself?

Do you really want this?

Jay, please share with everyone what you’ve become aware of about yourself, your energy, and your five question experience.

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