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An Unhealthy Relationship With Food: Labeling Myself with Every Bite

The funny thing is that when I let go of labeling, I actually started losing weight.
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My Unhealthy Relationship With Food was Also Leading to Yo Yo Dieting

One of my favorite quotes from Shakespeare is:

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

As I continue to create new ways of thinking about my relationship with food, my weight, and my overall wellness, I’m putting more and more distance between me and my old ways of thinking. As a result, I’m gaining more and more freedom from believing, acting and labeling myself as a “secret eater.”

The coaching I continue to get from Andrea is that it never was about what I was eating.

It was about what I was thinking, before, during and after whatever I was eating.

Now, I knew that.

I even coached others about that same premise in my book “smartphoneFIT.”

But it wasn’t until Andrea coached me on what I was preaching to others that I finally got it for myself.

In fact, until I actually became truly open and more coachable to new ways of thinking about what I was eating, all food had a label, and the label was always either good or bad.

My unhealthy relationship with food meant this was the world I was living in: each bite I was taking was either right or wrong.

Therefore every choice I made was good or bad, black or white, or like a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, all or nothing!

So if you’ve been following my journey with Andrea you’ll notice we’re discovering together that I’m getting more freedom, more control, and I’m having more sustainable shifts in my thinking, and that is creating the kinds of results that I was searching for. And now:

I have control.

I’m choosing what I want.

I feel a deeper sense of freedom.

Now I know that sounds obvious, but when I was willing to accept 100% responsibility that I’m in charge, not my past, not that doughnut, that was the first part of the “shift” I needed to move from living a weight loss mentality, to a wellness mentality. The second part was realizing I might not always stay on plan 100%, but if I don’t hide from it, and I’m willing to let go of labeling everything I eat as good or bad, I can make it work.

And the funny thing is that when I did, I actually started losing weight.

So if you haven’t read Andrea’s take on this subject yet, please do yourself a favor and read her last article.

It just might be the mental game changer you’re looking for:

“Why Self Judgment Keeps You From Living The Life You Want”

“Tag you’re it.”

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