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Betty is the Corporate Trainer and Program Director for The Biggest Loser Resorts. She found her love for training 6 years ago when she hired a personal trainer to put on some muscle. She then realized she wanted to become a trainer herself and became certified by the American Aerobic Fitness Association. She loves to run as well as strength train. Her biggest accomplishment was qualifying for the Boston Marathon and running it in 2013.That event showed her to live life every day and live with no regrets. She lives by two sayings in life: The first is "LIFE stands for 4 things: Limitless, Inevitable, Fearless and Endless: Individuals can do anything they want; there are no LIMITS if they believe they can. INEVITABLE – life happens so take it one day at a time. FEARLESS – you have to face a fear to know what one is. If you never face it you will never know. ENDLESS – your possibilities are endless in this world!" Second, “Suck it up Buttercup”- Basically if you don’t feel like doing it, just do it! You will feel better afterwards. Betty believes the coolest part of her job is watching individuals start believing in themselves and realizing their full potential.

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