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The choices I’ve made to date

Where I'm at in my life is the sum total of the choices I’ve made to date.
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The choices I’ve made to date

Where I’m at in my life is the sum total of the choices I’ve made to date.

And if I’m being brutally honest, in the past, more times than not, I settled for much, much less than I was ever capable of creating.

That was my truth.

How about you? Could you have done more, been more, experienced more?

Was that your truth too?

Is that still your truth?

This self-inquiry isn’t about being right or wrong, and it isn’t about changing our past, that’s over, that’s done.

It’s about taking a moment of honest reflection and realizing that in this next moment, in every moment, there is an opportunity to create a life you really love.

A life you create, you design, you plan…

One of the ways I get a handle on where I’m at any given time in my life, at any given moment is to honestly ask myself who I’m being at that moment, want am I doing, what am I contributing for myself, my family, for others.

More specifically am I performing at a 100%, at a 110% of attention, engagement, contribution?

For most of my life I was running at about a 30%, maybe a 50% level of awareness and engagement. Because more often than not I was on auto-pilot, going through the motions, very busy and easily distracted.

I had lots of dreams, ideas, designs, parts and pieces of things, tons of things that were started, most of which were never completed.

And it wasn’t that I was lazy, in fact I was busy, very busy, and sometimes too busy.

I was busy, busy, busy… but without a plan, without a destination.

We’ve all heard it before; and I certainly had heard it a thousand times…

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

I actually believed that was true, but I guess I really didn’t get how true it was.

I’m not big on paying attention to the past, but once I committed to putting “not planning” in my past, my life totally changed. And not only in one area of my life, but in all areas of my life.

You see just being busy without a plan, an ultimate goal, is like being on a road to nowhere.

Being busy gives you a false sense of accomplishment. Somehow you think if you just work hard things will open up, something good is bound to happen, hard word pays off, but it usually doesn’t without a plan.

But being busy, and working hard with a plan, now that’s a whole different possibility.

In fact I’ve found that when I have a plan I don’t have to be as busy as my time is better spent. I’m more clear about where I’m headed, I’m more passionate about where I’m headed, I can see the destination much easier even before I take that first step. And if I need to change course, it’s a correction, not a crash or a dead-end.

Think about it. When you plan a trip, you need to factor a lot into your preparations: which direction you need to go; how far you’re going; how much fuel you’ll need; how much food you should bring; what clothes you should pack; and on and on. Seeing to all the details prepares you for your journey and ensures the trip will be smooth, right? But if you don’t have and end goal in mind, then how can you prepare?

Like it’s been said before, failing to plan often means planning to fail.

So why not apply this principle to all of the areas of your life?

If you don’t have an end in mind, how can you work on getting there? Be it your career, your relationships, your health, whatever is important to you in your life. It’s a sure fire way to get lost.

Don’t buy the lie that life’s not a destination, that life’s a journey. And while there’s truth to that idea, technically you’re not on a journey if you don’t have a destination in mind.

Without an end goal, you’re just engaged in an exercise of wheel spinning. Sure, it takes a lot of energy and work, but there’s no real movement or progress. For your life to take the course it’s supposed to take, you have to get on the road first. Then you have to sit in the drivers seat. You know the saying “Life is what happens while you’re making other plans” Well, that is really true. But the key to a successful life is that you’re making a plan, actively pursuing a goal, making the right choices, putting positive energy into the universe, and staying open to what comes back to you. This is totally different than you wandering aimlessly and hoping happiness will just find you. It won’t! You have to pursue it.

If you’re on a road to nowhere in any of your life it’s important you get off at the next exit, take out a blank sheet of paper and a map out where you want to go. Or if you’re still not sure where you’re headed, get a coach, let them help you create a map, a plan, and most important, if it’s really where you want to go stay on that road, and of course with that destination in mind enjoy the journey, and enjoy all of the journey.

And you can be sure that with a plan, with a destination, you will.

I’m a committed planner now and that’s made all the difference in the world for my life. Things are happening, new worlds are opening up everyday. My new way of looking at whatever I spend my life energy now is with a mindset that if it’s good enough to do, it’s good enough to plan for first.

So I’m all ears for any and all suggestions you would to share with us about your successful secrets to creating a plan, sticking to your plan, and what you do when you think you need or want to change your plans.

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