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What I’m Sharing Will Help You On Your Wellness Journey

For everyone to get well, we each need to first get well individually.
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What I’m Sharing Will Help You On Your Wellness Journey

I’m going to keep this post short, because what I want to share is contained in today’s “Weigh In Wednesday” video that you’ll find below.

I could have shared it in words, but I’m hoping that by sharing it face-to-face, being totally open and transparent will open up something for you to face and ponder. More importantly, I hope it causes you to take action towards your own wellness journey.

In the video I reveal where my head has been at, where it’s at today, and what I’m committed to creating for myself, others, and yes, even the world.

OK, I know that may sound ballsy, but as you’ll see from what I’m sharing, for the world to get well, we each need to get well individually. Only then can we support those around us to do the same for themselves.

As they tell us on a plane, “First put on your oxygen mask, then assist others.

Wellbeing is an individual sport, but it’s fueled and best supported in a community of people who are willing to be open, vulnerable, honest and willing to support and be supported by others, not shamed or shunned only to suffer in secret and silence.

So I invite you to watch this video to the end, and please let me and others know what may have opened up for you by watching it, and what actions and support you might be willing to take on now.

And if it might open up something for others in your life, please share it with them. Most importantly, get in this conversation, share and participate.

Last but not least, if you’re curious what I weighed in at today, I’ve included the “tale of my scale” in this video. And you can count on me sharing the “tale of my scale” each and every Wednesday.

As promised, here is today’s “Weigh In Wednesday video:

So if you have a comment you’d like to share, please do.

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