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How to Live LIFE Without Failure

What if we looked at LIFE in a different way? What if we looked at failures as learning opportunities?
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How to Live Life Without Failure

It’s such honor that I have been asked to write for Couch Kills. First, let me start by introducing myself. My name is Betty Herberger, and I’m the Corporate Trainer for The Biggest Loser Resorts. I started my career with The Biggest Loser Resorts 3.5 years ago. I am a AFAA certified Trainer along with having my Life Coach certification. I will argue with anyone I have the best job ever! I love life and I am blessed to have my best friend (my twin sister ) and my fantastic mom play a major part in my life. At the resorts, we get people that are taking on the challenge of how to live LIFE. People will come in Sundays nervous and with their head down, but by Wednesday they are walking around with their head up, shoulders down and glowing. I mean come on: that is amazing! OK, now lets talk about LIFE. It can be scary sometimes, and often, the most scary thing about LIFE is losing ourselves. In LIFE, as we grow up, we want everything to be perfect, and when it is not, we often feel disappointed and feel like failures.

What if we looked at LIFE in a different way? What if we looked at failures as learning opportunities and planned for when we lost ourselves? Would we still feel bad for ourselves? Would we feed our sorrows of failure with food, or embrace them as a challenge? You may be asking yourself what I mean by preparing for “losing yourself.” It’s simple: I mean have a plan B, because most of the time LIFE happens and Plan A doesn’t, because LIFE is not perfect. If we strive for perfection we will never be happy because you can not strive for something that does not exist. However, what you can strive for is to do your best THAT DAY, not yesterday and not tomorrow, but THAT DAY, because every day your 100% changes. If you can go to bed and say ”you know, today I did the best I could today” then it is a great day!

Something else you may be asking yourself: why does this crazy lady have LIFE capitalized every time? Well, LIFE stands for 4 things

Limitless- Our limits are endless in life, and we decide what they are and how far we can push them.

Inevitable – Life happens. You have to focus on the present, and take it minute by minute, day by day. Every day is a new day and every minute is a new minute.

Fearless-Life is packed with fears, but how do you know it is really a fear if you don’t try it?

Endless/Epic – Life is full of endless possibilities, we just have to believe in our selves and open our mind up. Also, LIFE is just EPIC. It is such a precious thing we have in our hands and we have to celebrate it everyday by standing up and saying “I’M GOING TO TAKE THIS DAY ON!”

So here are my two challenges to everyone:

-What does LIFE symbolizes for you? Let’s hear it!

When you get up in the morning, set a goal for that day, and post it once it has been accomplished.

I look forward for continuing this discussion through further articles, and I’m excited for the opportunity #couchkills respresents.

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