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You Can Inspire Others to Get Off the Couch

The couch is a place to recover from living your life, not to spend it, and you can help inspire people to get off the couch!
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You Can Inspire Others to Get Off the Couch

What’s your story?

Imagine if you wrote an article that touched, moved and inspired someone clear on the other side of the world to get off the couch and create a life they love!

Or maybe even some right down your street.

Well, you can.

And I’m inviting you to do just that right here on #couchkills.

I’m sure you have a story that you feel has the possibility to inspire: a personal experience, a lesson you’ve learned, a book you’ve read, something you’ve taught, a recipe you’ve made, a person who has inspired you, a place you’ve traveled.

You see, we believe that the couch is a place to recover from living your life, not a place to spend your life. So we created this website where we use beautiful photography, videos, and articles to share with people the stories that got others OFF THE COUCH!

At first glance some people may think #couchkills is a website that’s all about losing weight, exercising and wellness. And yes, we do share articles, videos, books, courses and trips that will help you with all of that.

But #couchkills is much more.

#couchkills is first and foremost a website that will inspire, motivate, coach and connect you to a world of people and resources for you to create and live a life you love.

For some people that means slowing down, savoring and enjoying life more in the moment, right where they live. To start discovering all of the amazing things they’ve been surrounded by, but have been too busy to take the time to notice and enjoy.

For others it means expanding their horizons to travel the world, to take more chances, seek out more adventures, and yes, enjoy it all being much more present and mindful at the same time.

Either way, #couchkills serves both ends of that spectrum by sharing articles, videos, books, courses and trips that motivate people. We want people to move more, eat better, and most important, inspire others to join them in this #globalmoving.

We are open to content that in some shape or form motivates people to…

The first step to being a #couchkiller is to get up off the couch and move!

When you add a healthy diet to an active lifestyle, you not only live longer, but you enjoy everything more.

The last step to being a #couchkiller is to “pay-it-forward” and inspire others to become a #couchkiller themselves.

So there you have it. We want you to share your own personal transformation, experience, lesson, book, class, trip, or story that you think will inspire others to #getoffthecouch!

That’s what we’re building, and what we’re up to and there’s plenty of room for you!

So if you have an article you’d like to share, take a look at our Write For Us link for more insights. And if you have any questions, or you’d like to run an idea past me before you submit something, you can always drop me a line at


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