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How You Can Maximize the Benefits of Walking

A simple 10 minute cardio walk each day has incredible benefits for your health.
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How You Can Maximize the Benefits of Walking

There is no doubt that walking is a wonderful and effective way to both exercise the body and relax the mind. Walking has been shown to have tremendous and varied health benefits. A simple 10 minute cardio walk each day will strengthen your heart, help keep your arteries clear, increase your overall lung strength and capacity, and all while reducing the risk of diabetes by 24%.  And these aren’t the only benefits of walking!

Now that you know why walking can be a great exercise choice and a big benefit to your overall health and wellness, take a moment so you can learn how to strut your stuff with proper formstyle and grace.

It is very simple. All you need to do is:

Head: Hold your head high: lift your chin and walk like the royalty that you are.

Shoulders: Roll your shoulders up and then let them fall down. Keep them in an open position. Be sure to maintain the posture: do not let your shoulders touch your ears. Remove the tension and stress!

Chest: Keep your breastbone lifted so that your lungs and diaphragm can better fill with fresh oxygen.

Arms: Pump your arms while your elbows are bent at a 90 degree angle. Close your hands lightly in a fist.

Back: Walk tall while keeping your back straight. Walk like you are about something, while acknowledging your true importance.

Knees: This is very important: keep your knees soft. Don’t lock your knees or hyperextend them.

Abs: Last but certainly not least, breathe in through your nose and upon the exhalation through your mouth, contract those abs until you feel as though they touch your spine. In other words — Work it!!

To make this workout ideal – move at a pace that prevents conversation. Pick that heart rate up and walk with style, grace and purpose!

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