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Some Things are in Our Control

You need to answer the question: 'What matters most to you?'
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Some things are in our control…

… and some things are not. We can control our own actions and reactions – the rest we cannot worry about.  So what matters most to you – as an individual? As a spouse? As a parent? Have you asked yourself why you are doing things the way that you are and if you are doing them by choice? A common theme in conversation recently has been how fast our world has become and the constant go-go-go of it all. That much of the time people touch on the “surface” of what they are involved in each day because we have been groomed into thinking that “more” and “faster” is what we need and that quantity has replaced quality. Maybe this is true, but have you taken the time to time to sit down and actually think about what this means to you and your household?

There is no doubt that technology has reshaped our perspective of life. How we see things, how we access information, what and who we choose to follow in media, the social issues that we identify with and what skills we expect our children to have to help them in the future. It is daunting at times and no less overwhelming. But it is important to note that we are not the first people to go through radical social change, we are merely the most recent. There is more change for people in the future and more change will follow that change.

What Matters Most?

What we have to decide as individuals and parents is who are we in the world we live in today, and what matters most.  Just as importantly, we also need to ask “Why“?

The answer to this question may not suddenly pop into your head, and if it does, think about it some more. Try to find the root to your answer – why are you involved in what you are doing? Why did you choose the school for your children that you did? Why do you feel connected with your children and why do you not? Why do you make the decisions that you do when it comes to teaching your children what you feel is important in life – what do you feel is important in life? At the end of the day we are HUMAN BEINGS. Each one of us has emotions, insecurities dreams, fears and an overwhelming need and desire for human connection. Take time this summer to allow yourself to explore who you are as a parent. There are many things that you are doing that are so important to raising amazing children, but ask yourself the “why” so you can stay in balance and on course in doing what you set out to do when you started your family.

– Now is the time to get serious about living and raising your family with your ideals.

– Once you have determined and/or remembered what principles you wish to exemplify abide by these as rules.

– Do not mind if others do not share your convictions.

– Put your principles into practice.

– Focus on making progress and not about pretending perfection

There are countless websites, books and resources available with tips and tools, but this exercise in identity does not require anything more then you taking the time to asking yourself the question “why.”


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