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Can Regular Sex Improve Your Health?

Enjoying sex four or more times per week with a steady partner can help you maintain that youthful glow.
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Can Regular Sex Improve Your Health?

Anytime you are motivated and looking at ways to improve your health don’t rule out the health benefits of regular sex. It isn’t always about finding the latest and greatest workout, nutrition plan, or electronic gadget. Sometimes amazing and wonderful benefits can come in ways you don’t expect.

Immune System: Having sex once or twice a week can increase levels of an antibody that helps you defend against bacteria, viruses, and other attackers. Less sick days and downtime away from your new health goals will help you to stay on track and feel amazing at the same time. Besides don’t you want to use that time to have more fun?

Blood Pressure & Heart Health: Whether you are young in years or young at heart having good heart health and blood pressure readings will help to keep you on track. Some research suggests a link between sexual intercourse and a lowered systolic blood pressure number (the top number or first number on your blood pressure test).

Having regulated blood pressure seems so obscure, but the dangers of high blood pressure can include damage to your kidneys, heart, brain, eyes, and bones. It can affect your quality of sleep and can cause sexual dysfunction. Damage can happen to vessels going to and in the penis and vagina inhibiting erection, lubrication, stimulation, and orgasm.

Definitely worth keep your numbers in a good range. For your heart health sexual intercourse not only raises your heart rate for a little bit of exercise but helps to keep your estrogen and testosterone levels in balance. One study suggests that men who have sex at least twice a week decreased their risk of heart disease by up to fifty percent over men who rarely have sex.

Fountain of Youth: Enjoying sex four or more times per week with a steady partner can help you maintain that youthful glow according to a study conducted in Scotland. Testosterone and estrogen are released helping the body to keep looking and feeling young.

It may also benefit your hair to be shinier and skin to be softer. Save the money spent on all the anti-aging products, and schedule in fun tumbles with your partner more often.

You’ll save some money and look great while doing it. When asked what your secret to that youthful glow is will you share or keep it to yourself? It might raise some eyebrows, but results are results.

Exercise Benefits: While it doesn’t completely get you out of your workouts having regular sex does add up. Spice it up and try different positions or locations to utilize and work different muscles as well as keep it interesting.

During sex your heart rate increases, beneficial hormones are released, and muscles are toned and tightened. Leave the lights on, delight in where you see progress, and enjoy the process. As with regular exercise consistency helps you to realize and maximize the benefits.

Stress Reliever: Regular intercourse as well as hugging and touching can help us to manage stress better and can help decrease feelings of anxiety and depression. While climaxing isn’t required to get the full benefit of this you will get greater rewards with the release of hormones during orgasm among other benefits as well.

Along with diminishing stress it can help increase your self-esteem and overall happiness.
Decrease Pain: While not every headache can be eased with sex you might be able to diminish the pain that is felt due to a hormone released that increases your pain threshold.

Stimulation might offer some of the same benefits as well. One study reported half of female participants who suffer from migraines reported relief after climax. The hormones released mimic the effect that morphine had for them. The potential benefits are worth seeing if it works for you.

While this isn’t an exhaustive list of health benefits to making sex a regular part of your life it does hold some persuasive arguments to at least consider. With so many health benefits pencil sex in regularly, or be spontaneous, and don’t forget to have fun.

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