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What you do when things aren’t perfect

In the past, more often than not, I'd just "wait." Wait till later, wait till everything was right, wait until I never did anything.
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What you do when things aren’t perfect

Welcome to my first 32,081 ft. post on my iPad. I have no idea how this is going to translate digitally as the interface is looking a little odd, but if it’s not good I can always correct the text later when I land.

In fact that’s really the spirt of this post: what you do when things aren’t perfect, or maybe just not what you had planned on or intended.

In the past when that was the case for me, more often than not I’d just “wait.” Wait till later, wait till everything was right, wait till the time was right, insert ____________ pretty much anything because I had become a “master-waiter.”

Especially when when it came to my health.

I’d wait till Monday, I’d wait till after the holidays, I’d wait till… whatever.

Until I really got one day that I was “waiting” my life away. And not just in the areas that concerned my health, but in all of the areas of my life. Worse yet each “waiting” in one area of my life was affecting all of the others. It was a massive downward spiral of  “wait gain” and it literally had a strangle hold on me, and not for a few weeks or months, not even years, but for decades.

It could probably be argued that you could reverse that downward spiral by starting some type of “wait loss” program in any area of your life that’s important to you, but for me it was my health that became the catalyst for a massive cascade of positive change in all areas off my life.

Now don’t get me wrong I’ve got a lot of cleaning up to do in many areas of my life. Especially my finances. But starting with getting healthier losing a lot of “weight” by moving, eating better and especially coaching others on how to do the same for themselves has been soooooo powerful to help me have the energy, staying power and drive to not only get healthy for life, but to live my best life in all areas of my life.

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