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Weigh In Wednesday: Being Accountable

This Weigh in Wednesday is about the importance of being accountable.
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This Weigh in Wednesday is All About Being Accountable!

Word… Wellbeing… Weight…


I know I’ve been busy and distracted, and I knew it’d been a while since I had shared the “Tale Of My Scale” on a Weigh in Wednesday, but until this morning I had no idea that the last time I shared was 5 weeks ago. Yes, 5 WEEKS AGO!

And it’s that reality that got me present as to why it’s so important for me to actually start practicing for myself what I preach and coach others to do in smartphoneFIT. And that is to get more #conscious of what you’re doing and not doing; realize that you have the power to make better #choices moment-to-moment; practice and #condition your mind and body to actually “be” what you say you want to “be”; and most important, find or create a #community that will support you and keep you accountable to your #word.

It’s sooooooo much easier to coach others than to coach myself.

So based on the results I’ve been creating, I decided today to fire myself as a coach and actually create a “circle of support.” This community of coaches are going to have me account for my #word in all of the matters of my #wellbeing that I say are important to me.

Before my mind-opening experience on the Biggest Loser and the coaching and training I’ve received thru Landmark, I would have said, “I’m a failure.” This is because I still have a long way to go in being at the level that I want to be in The Five Essential Elements of Wellbeing: (1) #career (2) #social (3) #financial (4) #physical and (5) #community #wellbeing, as defined by Tom Rath and Jim Harter in their book of the same name.

Through the coaching and training I’ve gotten from Landmark after Biggest Loser, I’ve come to understand the distinction that I’ve had “failures in performance” vs. “I’m a failure.” This has given me the freedom and power to leave my past in the past, and to understand that I can create whatever I need in this present moment, and the next, and the next, and so on…

So it’s in that spirit that I’ve created and am sharing the first wave of my self-appointed coaches, my accountability ambassadors.

With the coaching and support of these coaches, I’m committed to doing for myself what I tell others to do for themselves, and that is to “create a life you love, and to live it well!

Little by little, through their #couchkills articles, and my podcast and video interviews with them, you’ll come to see why I’ve chosen these coaches to help me create and continually expand a life I love.

I hope you read and watch what they share, and follow and reach out to them to tap into their support and talent to create a life you love, and to live it well too!

Craig Oborn – my questions coach

Matt Johnston – my possibility coach

Heidi Hannah – my brain health coach

Nancy Rothenstein – my sleep coach

Omni Kitts – my yogi

Chris Stepien – my well being coach

Andrea Ruchelman – my 2015 NYC Marathon running coach

Alex Kade – my healing coach

With that said, let me also share a new context in which I’m looking at my weight and wellbeing from this point forward.

Over the weekend, I had a major breakthrough with my relationship to the scale, my size, my BMI, and most important, my self image.

Before this breakthrough, I viewed the most important measure of my wellness success was what was on the scale, and to a lesser degree, my size. Luckily, my medical stats are pretty good since I took off a boatload of weight, but I also realized that I was being kind of cavalier with the fact that I’m not on any medication, and my blood work is great.

But that won’t last forever if I don’t take off #mylast100lbs.

For anyone that has followed my journey post Biggest Loser, I’ve talked a good game, I’ve had the greatest of intentions, I’m running almost everyday and I’m in pretty great shape in comparison to other men in my age group. But I knew in my heart that I wasn’t being my “word” to myself and everyone who has been there and supported me on my journey.

And I’m just not willing to “be” that type of person anymore.

Yes, I know what to eat and not eat. I understand the importance of exercise, how to exercise, and I know a bunch of things about weight loss and wellness. Chances are you know as much as I do and maybe more.

But what I didn’t know, or should I say wasn’t willing to actually face, was the most important access to my immediate and long-term wellness, and that was being someone who kept my “word” to myself.

For me, that’s been the biggest challenge.

Being my word.

Being my word is what I’m committed to going forward…

Being my “word” with my wellbeing will create a “me” at the right vitality, size and weight.

A graphic representing the weight of words - For Weigh in Wednesday

So to clear the deck, and to leave not being my word in the past, without wasting any time with why I’m weighing in at 269.2 or 268.6, here is my video for today’s Weigh In Wednesday.

Maybe your scale is like mine: it often seems to have a mind of its own, and it’ll range back and forth a few ounces or a few pounds every time I step on it.

But lets be honest, be it my scale, or be it your scale, even if it’s not totally accurate, that shouldn’t be what’s ruling our actions. If we’re being honest with ourselves, we know it’s how well we’ve kept our word with ourselves each week that really tips the scale.

A picture of a scale reading different weights. - Weigh in Wednesday

So the last thing I’d like to leave you with is this: stay tuned for an invite to a webinar series that my “questions” coach Craig Oborn and I are creating. We’d love you to participate with us during each “Weigh In Wednesday.”

Here’s how it’s going to work.

Each week Craig will ask me/us a question to ponder throughout the week. Then, on the following Wednesday, Craig and I, and sometimes a guest or two, will be doing a live and recorded webinar around each question. The purpose will be to see what we can open up for all us to help create a life we love, and to live it well using the power of questions.

And if you’d like to learn more about how Craig uses questions to open people up to a whole new world of possibilities, take a look at #connect52.

So this week’s question from Craig is…

“Why do you set goals/benchmarks?”


Graphic of the word goal - Weigh in Wednesday

It seems like a pretty straightforward question, but it’s one that I’m looking forward to exploring for myself this week. I’m also interested in hearing what your thoughts are, by you commenting in this post, on our #couchkills Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages, and of course, during the webinar.

One final thought: a lot of what I’ve been sharing up to this point has been very self-centered. And I get lots of great feedback from people that what I share from my personal experience is insightful and helpful. Going forward, you’ll notice a major shift in me sharing more stories, tips, tricks and tools from others all over the world, as that’s really the spirit of what I want #couchkills to be about.

I want #couchkills to be your go-to resource for what the world’s up to in living life well and what the people you relate to the most are finding is working for them.

As always, thanks for reading.

Stay Tuned.


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