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Why I Don’t and You Shouldn’t Believe in a New Year’s Resolution

This is the biggest challenge with making resolutions, that we build them up to be these HUGE undertakings and we set ourselves up for failure.
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What’s NEW YEARS Got to Do With It?

I am the last person that will ask you “what is your new year’s resolution?” This is because I don’t believe in them and neither should you. Why should we ever want to “RESOLVE” to create goals, inspire self-growth, or even find the energy necessary to accomplish what we want in life?

Let’s start by taking a look at what some of the common “resolutions” are every year:

  • Lose weight
  • Get healthy
  • Get finances in order
  • Spend more time on self
  • Volunteer more
  • Travel

How many of you create your game plan to address these resolutions before January 1?

Let’s take the most popular new year’s resolution of losing weight. Here is what I typically hear people say:

I’m cleaning out my fridge/freezer/cabinets/pantry of all junk food (usually by eating everything in December) and I’m buying fruits, veggies, organic meat, cookbooks, joining a gym and going to the 5 AM class so I can get my workout done before work.

That’s some plan and seem very ambitious to achieve but I believe in you and that you can do it. Oh, what’s that? January 1st is on a Friday so you’re actually going to start on Monday, January 4th, giving yourself time for the weekend? Oh! Okay, so Monday you are going to start making better food choices and going to the gym. Got it!

This is the biggest challenge with making a new year’s resolution: that we build them up to be these HUGE undertakings, and that just the way we make them, we set ourselves up for failure. We try to accomplish so much all at once because we all love that instant gratification but it never lasts long enough for us to enjoy all of the benefits.

If Not a New Year’s Resolution, then What?

I had an idea that started a few years ago and I have stuck with it ever since and share it with as many people as I can. It’s a simple idea and one that anyone and everyone can easily implement. Are you ready? If January truly is your inspiration to come up with how you want to plan your year then let’s refer to it as how we are going to REVOLUTIONIZE our lives on New Year’s Day! Doesn’t that sound more exciting? What do you WANT to do for yourself this year? How do you WANT to do it? Why do you WANT to do it? Then tell yourself all the reasons you DESERVE to revolutionize your life, how great you are, worthy, loved, etc.


The other great thing about revolutionizing your life is that it can be something so simple, such as I’m going to eat at least one fruit a day, or I’m going to remove sugar or caffeine from life. Or maybe you want to make sure you move for 30 minutes a day, whether it be dancing in your kitchen while making dinner, going for walks, or doing a workout video or going to a gym. Maybe that is too much to start with, so make it even easier and try three times a week at first or 10 minutes a day instead. Revolutionizing our lives is about making simple changes that are life-long lasting and become habits.

What do you want to make as your new habit for 2016 as you now realize you’d rather want to revolutionize your life instead of resolve to “have to” make a change with a new year’s resolution?

Let me share quickly with you how my friend (and client) Jay Jacobs has revolutionized his life. It actually started a couple of months ago. After resisting the coaching process that he wanted for the first 3 months, Jay had his AHA! Moment and realized that what he was doing might have been “working” for him it wasn’t WORKING for him. Jay would have some instant gratification moments, ones that were showing that his way of wanting freedom was going just right and he “GOT IT” with what we talked about. When Jay finally realized, after yelling and cursing at me, that he had all the power and he was in control, it changed his life.

I was not making him do anything, he didn’t have to resolve to doing anything and that was powerful. He had permission to say yes or no and he chose yes for himself. Since that point Jay has made his life much simpler, reducing his stress, setting boundaries, saying NO, being vulnerable, and becoming healthier with each turn. If you have been watching closely, you’ve noticed that Jay lost 25 pounds all on his own, without a dietician, a nutritionist or a personal trainer. It was all because he gave himself all the power and permission to live his life the way he truly wants to.

These past few weeks were really a test on him mentally, emotionally, environmentally, and socially: helping his parents clean out their house and prepare for their move, with his father having a stroke and losing control of what was going on around him. That first week created so many opportunities to do what was easy and go back to the “old” Jay way of thinking and while he started on that path, he quickly realized he no longer wanted that life. He realized he would HAVE TO start all over and knowing how far he came, he chose to work through all of the chaos and show up for himself the way he now lives his life. After that first week, Jay starting participating more in his life choices of food, how the environment was going to impact him and putting himself first, resulting in creating a stronger relationship with everyone around him. He didn’t resolve to waiting until it was over to start fresh when he got home, he’s choosing to revolutionize his life and loves working at it.

As Jay is a former Biggest Loser contestant, we are very interested in what this season’s Temptation Nation is all about. Over the past six months Jay has learned what influences his choices and when he gives in to what the show would consider “Temptations.” Join our conversation as we have a weekly chat to see how the contestant, trainers, and host create a world of temptation, stress, love, empowerment, fear, and all those things in life that result in the conscious choices we make.

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