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Welcome to Couch Kills

THE IDEA: Forever grateful for the amazing gift of being on The Biggest Loser #Season11 with Jennifer Rush Jacobs and the amazing ripple affect of wellness it had on Kim Jacobs and Matthew Jacobs. I am continually inspired by the multitudes of individuals, families and communities I meet everyday who are committed to living “the rest of their lives as the best of their lives.”

More often than not many people want to live a healthier life, want to eat better, but don’t think they can. Time and and time again I hear, “I don’t have time, it’s too hard, and always, “where do I start?”

Those reoccurring questions inspired the launch of #CouchKills

The idea is very simple.

I’m inviting you to do something, anything, each and every day to get up off your couch or your chair and MOVE, even it’s just for 5 minutes!

Yes, you can do The Couch-to-5K Running Plan, and if you’re ready, DO IT!

And if that seems too daunting, I’d like to invite everyone this post reaches, who doesn’t even think they can do that, to do a “Couch to 5 Minutes”#something because everyone can do that.

And this movement is also about moving towards enjoying eating again.

In this community you’ll not only learn how to eat better, you’ll want to eat better, and you’ll even learn that you can have your cake and enjoy it guilt-free too!

As I share in my intro video, I have no idea how all of this will unfold because it’s in your hands, not mine. But now that I’ve put it out there, I’m very excited to see who takes this on and uses this community of inspiration and action to be a catalyst for change in their own communities.

THE ASK: For now, just get up off your couch today, put on your sneakers, running shoes…hey, go barefoot, and just start walking for 5 minutes, or for whatever floats your boat… And if you’re game, take a video or a pic of you getting up off that couch and getting in motion. You know what to do, just start sharing, and keep sharing at and, if you’d like, tag your videos and pics with #couchkills.

THE SHARE: Share, share, share what you’re doing with those you love and care about [you are obviously in that list, too…Remember!] and inspire, inspire, inspire by continuing to play this wellness game where you live, and yes, the WORLD because I have a feeling all of you are going to make this a VERY BIG GAME!!!

IT’S “ALL IN” FOR EVERYONE: “Couch Kills” is a community for ANY and ALL of you amazing, inspiring examples of wellness and transformation. So please share your #hikes #runs #bootcamps #CrossFit #whateveryoulovetodo and especially your #stories because you never know how what you’re sharing will open up a new possibility for someone else.

So… created in the spirit of seeing movement as PLAY and FUN, let’s all get up off our couches and get the people we love up off their couches, too. We are committed to motivate and inspire each other to LIVE LIFE WELL!