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I am a Health & Wellness Speaker - Group Fitness Instructor - Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach in the New York Metropolitan area. My journey in the health and wellness field has been a unique one - one that I am immensely proud of. Professionally, I have served as a State prosecutor - putting rapists, arsonists and murderers in jail and as a Federal prosecutor putting corrupt police and organized crime members away. I also had the chance to pursue a singing career that allowed me the opportunity to sing opera at Carnegie Hall before losing my voice. But for all my accomplishments, it was not until I successfully lost over 77 lbs that I finally felt I had reached my highest achievement – an achievement that compelled me to enter a life of fitness. Now, as a certified Personal Trainer - Group Fitness Instructor and Wellness Speaker at multiple gyms, fitness facilities, towns, corporations and organizations throughout the tri-state area, I specialize in Weight Training, Rebounding, TRX, Jump sport, Zumba Fitness, and Tabata Boot Camp. My passion is transformation inside and out - - Helping individuals achieve a greater state of wellness while bringing the Fun to Fitness. It is a Wellness Revolution!

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