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I have a very simple approach in how I coach or consult… I see each opportunity as an open ended possibility, a “blank sheet.” It’s from that space that I listen to all that is shared, seeking first to understand what is said, what is unsaid, and from that perspective what is needed to be said and applied to either move a person, product or company to where they say they want to go…

I call that approach “strategically designing the immediate future.”


My LinkedIn profile share my wide breadth of entrepreneurial and professional experience. And my experience on Biggest Loser opened the door for me to become to not only expand my expertise into the health + wellness world professionally, I also found a natural calling to become a health coach to individuals, groups and enterprises. Although I have coached individuals, I’ve found I can pay-it-forward to more people by creating retreats, workshops and webinars. Listed below are the areas in which I currently focus my health + wellness coaching.

Individual Health + Wellness

Family Health + Wellness

Group Health + Wellness

Workplace Health + Wellness



My consulting philosophy is very much grounded with a “blank sheet” philosophy as well. And my experience in both entrepreneurial pursuits and global enterprise experience gives me the unique distinction to well in both landscapes. I’ve highlighted below the areas in which I play well with others .






Product Development

Self Publishing

Web Development

Social Media


People have said…

Theresa Ogando CEO, Ogando & Partners – In one word, motivational. Jay is a solid communicator with an open mind who has a point of view on just about everything. This point of view is honed by his natural inquisitive-ness and penchant for all things new. Jay honestly engages people in thoughtful conversation, and can get to he heart of a message very quickly. After a talk with Jay, you come away feeling as though you just received a gift. He knows marketing hands down. He is a master communicator with the ability to distill very complex insight into bite sized chunks that non-marketers can understand. This is a talent that is much appreciated, but rarely found in the professional world. If I had only once chance to get someone’s attention, I’d call Jay for advice first.”

Paul Jaworski, Americas Director of Finance, Ernst & Young – “Having worked with Jay for several years, I have been able to directly observe his creativity and superior communications skills. Jay fully understands the world of marketing, from product development/launch to ongoing communications. Jay is an out-of-the box thinker who can cleary articulate concepts and ideas, from both a written and oral perspective. With occasional humor mixed into his communications, Jay in the past has been able to convey somewhat complex ideas and information. Jay can be elightening, disarming, convincing, inspirational and “to-the-point”.

Lester Batchelor, Creative Director at Maybridge Group Ltd. UK  – “Jay ‘Gets IT’ ! He understands, he questions, he listens, he drives, and most importantly he is an incredibly fluid thinker. I had the pleasure of working with Jay for 2 – years and I must say that his enthusiasm and belief was a tremendous support to me and our collective endeavors. That experience is one I treasure and I would most definitely hope to repeat some time. Above all Jay is a consummate professional and goes about his tasks with focussed creativity and a friendly demeanor that encourages fun . . . I have no hesitation in recommending Jay as a powerful keynote speaker and or a strategic business partner.”