Start Meeting Your Health Goals with 3 Simple Steps

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By Moving Your Intellectual Thoughts into Action, You Can Meet Your Wellness and Health Goals

During my many years as a fitness trainer, I have spoken to countless individuals interested in changing their bodies and furthering their wellness and health goals. They all share a desire to begin a Wellness Journey that will transform their bodies, inside and out. Almost to a person – each can cite chapter and verse about — what to eat and what not eat — how to exercise – as well as details on all the best weight loss methods. They are ‘experts’ in intellectualizing the do’s and don’ts of wellness but ‘amateurs’ in transitioning those thoughts into Action.

Is this You? – No Worries – With these 3 SIMPLE STEPS your Wellness Journey Begins!!

Health Goals STEP ONE: ‘Stop!

Stop talking – Stop thinking – Stop trying to find the perfect solution. As an Intellectualizer, it is your nature to Hunt and Gather – Hunt for the perfect answer to your weight loss challenge/quest and Gather as much information as is humanly possible to prove that answer is – indeed – perfect. The problem is – there are no perfect answers. There are, however simple steps you can take to begin your journey.

Health Goals STEP TWO: ‘Keep it Simple – Stupid!’ (A little harsh but true)

Pick Three (3) Healthy Eating Steps and Three (3) Fitness Steps that you are ready to take today to begin your Wellness Journey. Make sure each step is both easily understood, as well as easily followed.

Healthy eating steps can be as simple as eliminating soda and fruit juices from your diet; eating a healthy breakfast every morning; or adding a new vegetable to your diet each week. Your Fitness steps could include climbing stairs (i.e. at your job, your home) whenever possible, as well as adding a daily thirty (30) minute walk after your evening meal followed by a daily ten (10) minute stretch to your schedule.

The key is to keep it doable. Write these 6 simple steps down and read them aloud. Post them in your kitchen, bedroom, and keep a copy on your person. Make a daily commitment to follow each step – and – once you start – there will be no stopping you.

Health Goals STEP THREE: Plan and Execute

Think about your day in advance and prepare an Action plan to execute your 6 steps. Account for possible changes in your schedule and commit to your plan’s execution regardless of the daily challenges that you may face. This is Your Wellness Journey and it is Your Health that you seek to improve. Stay focused and your commitment to transformational change will pay off.

Remember — Your Commitment will breed Success and that Success will breed a Healthier You!!

Last modified: November 9, 2019

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