Want Effective Weight Loss? Ditch the Diet and Try Honesty!

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Effective weight loss requires hard work and honesty

Honesty is the best, and most important policy when it comes to effective weight loss.

If you’ve started following my weekly “Weigh-In Wednesday” videos, you see “It’s No Secret” what I’m sharing about my scale, and what I’m learning week to week about effective weight loss.

In fact, I’ve come to find that the one thing that consistently keeps me on track is really being brutally honest with myself. Not in a judgmental or shameful way, but in a powerful way of just being straight with myself.

So this may sound a little harsh, but ask yourself: what lies are you telling yourself as you journey along the road to effective weight loss? Maybe more lies than you realize. Trust me, if you’re willing to take the time to get honest with yourself, those untruths will start losing their power over you and you’ll start reaching whatever goals you say you want to achieve.

Lets Get Real…

Often people set unrealistic goals or work to deprive themselves in harsh ways that are very difficult to maintain. It’s no wonder so many people lose weight initially, but then have difficulty keeping the weight off.

Understand that getting honest with yourself means addressing some of the most common myths that undermine a healthy approach to effective weight loss. So, in that spirit, here are the myths, and some tips on overcoming them.

The Classic…

It’s time to go on a “diet.”
 The problem is, the entire concept of a “diet” is based on a bad premise. It teaches us to think we will be “on a diet” and then after we shed some weight, we’ll be “off a diet.” This is one of the primary reasons for slingshotting up and down in weight. Instead, start thinking of your weight-loss plan as a lifestyle commitment. You’re putting healthy eating and exercise habits in place, to help you make it for the long haul.

Déjà vu Monday…

I’ll get back on track on Monday, or after the holidays, or maybe the next time the sun comes out… whatever… you know, insert some future date.
 There’s no day like today. If you slip, just pick up where you left off in the next moment. Persistence works wonders.

When I… Then I…

“All my problems will be gone once I lose all this weight.” 
Losing weight may leave you feeling healthier and happier — but it won’t make you more lovable , more funny, more charming; and it certainly won’t transform you into a supermodel. Be clear with yourself about why you want to lose weight. It’s a much stronger motivation to work toward a concrete personal goal than aim for some number on a scale. Don’t get me wrong, tricking yourself into thinking you’re OK, like I shared in my video, is still a lie. Maybe it’s just a white lie, but truth be told you’re still only fooling yourself.

Shame on You…

We hear stories about “fat-shaming” all over the media, but the worst shaming happens right between your ears, with ideas like “If people see me eat pizza they’ll ‘think’ I eat like a fat person.” Do you deny yourself a slice of the office pizza because you’re afraid your co-workers will think you shouldn’t be eating it? “Seeing yourself through others’ eyes in a harsh, critical way is a sure-fire way to blow a weight-loss plan,” says psychologist and author Debra Mandel, Ph.D. Instead, focus on creating a more empowering relationship with your body, which always starts with positive self-talk.

Wait Loss…

We all feel a little unsexy sometimes, and this causes us to not want to wear bathing suits or tank tops until we shed ALL those pounds. Don’t “wait” till you lose the “weight”! As soon as you can, and many times along the way, you need to get present to the changes you’re making in your size! And one way to do this is with the clothes you can now start wearing, even more so than just what number is showing up on a scale. Look, you don’t walk around every day with a scale at your feet, but you do walk around with your body covered head to toe in something. Celebrate those changes with changes in your clothes sizes! Break big goals into smaller ones, and reward yourself along the way.

Less is Not More…

Most people believe “The less I eat, the faster I’ll lose.


The less we eat, the slower our metabolism gets, and the slower we lose the weight. “Deprivation makes us unhappy and actually causes us to overeat and overindulge,” says Mandel. Be a tortoise, not a hare with your wellness journey. “Honestly” a slow and steady approach (which can include treating yourself with your favorite foods, in moderation of course) is your best bet for building a healthy diet, finding a great work out routine, and creating a workable relationship with food and reaching your long term goals!

So stop telling yourself lies that sabotage your efforts. Instead, start living your life with an effective weight loss plan that works for you. You’ll feel better about yourself, your confidence will grow, and you’ll keep the weight off.

That’s the truth, and it will set you free: fat-free!

Last modified: December 3, 2019

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