Your A-Ha Moment Can Lead to a Weight Loss Transformation


Runner has an a-ha moment.

When I stepped on the scale at my doctor’s office, my heart sank. I hadn’t weighed myself in months and I was dreading the scale’s number.

When I was told to step on the scale at my doctor’s office– my heart sank. There I stood some 9 years earlier in my tight fitting clothing, knowing that I had gained weight even though I hadn’t weighed myself in months and dreading to hear that scale’s number. Maybe you can relate to my utter dismay when I saw the scale tip north of 200 lbs. – a number I had never seen before – a number that scared me. It was my Crossroad: My Time for Change.

What is Yours? Use this advice to find your ‘Ah-Ha’ moment and begin your journey towards Transformation Growth.

A-Ha Moment – Walk in Truth: ‘You can not change that what you do not acknowledge’

Don’t allow yourself to be willfully ignorant about factors that affect your health. Your weight; your body mass index (‘BMI’); your body’s measurements; what you eat and your exercise regimen are all critical data points in evaluating your overall state of wellness.

Record that information with great accuracy and use it as a springboard to begin of your Wellness Journey.

A-Ha Moment – Educate Yourself: ‘Knowledge is Power’

Based upon your recorded numbers, educate yourself as to what, if any health risk factors you currently face. Whether your numbers place you at a higher risk for diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure or some other malady – remember you have the power to make a difference. By consuming a healthy diet and moving your body – you can change the direction of your health. Let this information serve as your wake up call.

A Ha Moment – Be Bold: ‘Freedom lies in Being Bold’

Once armed with your personal health facts, use them to create your A-Ha moment. Writing and verbalizing that moment moves it from thought to action.

Don’t be afraid of the challenges that may lie ahead – rather think only of the new you that you are poised to create. Your A-Ha moment will be that rallying call propelling you to the change you seek.

Last modified: November 9, 2019

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