The Two Most Powerful Words…


I Am are two of the most powerful words in the english language.

“I Am…” the two most powerful words in the English language.

They are.

And they can either serve you or slay you.

Yes I know that there is a whole religious context to “I Am” or more specifically I Am that I Am, but this post isn’t meant in that context, it’s meant for you to consider that it’s a way of talking to yourself, describing yourself, in which you continually create your identity.

Think about it, think about for as long as you can remember, you have used those two words to not only tell others who you are, but you’ve used them to tell you, who you are.

Whether you use “I Am…” or “I’m…”, ponder what I’m sharing for a few minutes and start filling in the blanks from when you were little till now.

Unfortunately, if you’re like most people, too often you’ll fill the blank after “I Am…” or “I’m…” with a description of what you’re not, with what you can’t.

“I’m not good enough”

“I am technically-challenged”

“I’m strong enough” and so on…

Well I’d like you to consider really taking the time to consider to not only become more aware of what comes after “I Am…” from this moment forward, I’d like you to actually use it to you benefit as I discovered the power of doing so early this morning after I completed some goal setting that prompted by my “futures” coach. In simple terms, a “futures” coach is life a master life coach, and for my liking, I prefer a “futures” coach who’s been through Landmark Education. Too much to share in this post, I’ll explain more about this in another post. For now basically, my futures coach helps me get very clear about what I really want to create in the future by getting grounded into living into my future, in the present moment.

Sooooo… after my most recent session with my coach I had a very clear and focused vision of 3 threes that I was not only going to declare + share to my family, friends and even my online community, I was going to put a structure, an action plan in place so that what I said I wanted in my future would be being created little by little every day. And it was when I started to move what I was thinking out of my head and onto paper that I discovered the power of creating my future with “I Am” in every piece of my declarations.

How I choose to use “I Am..” in a way that I felt was most powerful for me was to use it as simply as possible as more of a hello, a simple declaration. And then as you’ll see in the body copy, under each declaration I have started to shape for that particular future what “I Am…” very specifically so I can create a structure, an action plan to create the future I was declaring.

My family always has been, and always will be what “I Am… most connected to and passionate about, but after my family, this morning I identified my top 3 “I Am’s…” that I’m most passionate about at this time in my life.

I Am are the two most powerful words in the English language.

I admit that before I actually started creating these documents it seemed like it was just going to be a meaningless exercise, but I have to admit as I started to created each document, as I defined, rewrote and edited the descriptors as weird as it may sound it was as if my level of belief and expectation that it was actually happening in that moment was real and palpable. The sheer act of writing and writing it in the context of “I Am…” created a whole new level of expectation for me.

I Am are the two most powerful words in the English language.

So after I took the time to write and print out a copy of each I taped them up on the wall in my home office so that every time I’d walk into my office I’d see them, they’d be here to remind me, when I got the idea to create an “I Am…” that would be the icing on the cake of my future.

If you take a look at my I’m declaring in my “I Am…” a Writer” descriptor you see I’m writing a book everyday that declares my future as a…

I Am are the two most powerful words in the English language.

And I can’t tell you how powerful it feels to have that declaration on the door of my office.

Try this for yourself, I’m telling you it’s a mind-blowing experience, and I’d love to hear how the experience landed on you…


Last modified: November 9, 2019

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