Losing Weight is Boring


Losing weight is boring, but the journey is valuable.

I’ll argue that perfection has thwarted so many of us from doing the things that really matter to us.

More progress results from the violent execution of an imperfect plan than the perfection of a plan to violently execute.” – Hubert Humphrey

A funny happened on the way to creating this site…

I forgot how perfect “imperfection” is.

In fact, I’ll argue that perfection has thwarted so many of us from doing the things that really matter to us, things that may have really mattered to others, and in fact, things that could have made an amazing contribution to the world.

That’s what happened for me as this site started to come together.

A journal, a blog, a web site, whatever.

Having lived most of my professional life as a designer, a marketer, and a strategist I came to creating what you’re now reading with a whole portfolio of life experiences of “what I should do” to get a ton of people to like and follow this site.

Why, because “I” wanted the site to be successful, I wanted people to really think it was amazing! In fact I wanted it to be so amazing that thousands, 10’s of thousands, no, millions of people would like it, follow it, subscribe to it, and most importantly they read every friggin article, and absolutely love what they read so much that they say to everyone they know “Do you know read couchkills?

Just being honest.

And yes, I want millions of people to like this site, I said it!

So how would I do that?

Well, I would marshall up every design, marketing, branding, and communication skill I could to create a kick-ass site.

That was my intention, that was my plan.

Ok, let me clarify that.

Actually I started without a plan, and I have no intention of ever creating a “put on your big boy pants plan” for this site.

I know, I know, I’ve heard a million times (and even said myself) that “if you plan to fail, you fail to plan.”

But how many times do we get stuck in the planning stage thinking that we can’t start anything until everything is figured out until everything is planned out?

Nothing really works that way. In fact life doesn’t work that way.

We’re never handed a plan, we’re never handed an instruction manual.

There’s never a right time.

There’s never enough money, resources, people, knowledge.

There’s never a perfect plan, there’s only movement, action and editing.

I love the Guy Kawasaki mantra “Don’t Worry, Start Crappy“, from his book “Rules For Revolutionaries.” Guy was a former chief evangelist for Apple Computer and he cut his planning and product development teeth from the early days of the computer world that created “v1.0.” A world that we’ve all come to know and embrace that’s it’s ok, in fact that’s more than ok, to create, release and improve on the fly… v1.0 v2.0 v.3.0…

It’s how anything great is created, as most everything is always a work-in-progress, an exploration in “what’s next.”

So when I started this site I had an idea, an intention, but I certainly didn’t have a plan.

I just started…

So let’s go back to what I opened this post with…

A funny happened on the way to creating this site…

I forgot how perfect “imperfection” is.

When this site was started, my v1.0 was a “plan-less” vision. But with the intention to inspire people to get up off the couch to exercise and eat better, and inspire others to do the same. My v1.0 intention was to create a site about getting fit, about how to move and exercise, how to lose weight, articles about the latest and greatest ways to get healthy, and ultimately how to adopt a lifestyle of living life well.

Now don’t get me wrong that’s been so much of my story over the past few years, and what fueled my own personal transformation. But as time has evolved I’ve come to see that what really inspired and motivated to get healthy, and stay healthy was my desire to “live the rest of my life as the best of my life”, and to create that reality I would live my life “well.”

But at this point in my life, losing weight is boring.

Being obsessed with, and being in a constant conversation about what to eat and exercise for the sake of “needing” to get and stay healthy is boring.

Telling people that they “need” to eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less processed foods, drink more water, and so on is boring.

Not that all of that isn’t important, but there is certainly more than enough of that great information to go around, and I always have, and always will guide and recommend to people where they can find that type of information. And at times you’ll find me “weighing” in on those topics on #couchkills, and I’ll have others share the same, but this is not going to be a weight loss, fitness, health, and wellness site.

#couchkills is a site about getting up off your couch, leaving it in the dust, and living an inspired life. A life of contribution first to yourself, to the people that matter most in your life, to your community, and ultimately to the world. If you’ve got a better plan for your life than living that intention, let me know, but I doubt it.

So welcome to #couchkills v2.0 because v.1.0 got upgraded early this morning after I did some soul-searching to really get clear about what I was most interested and passionate about sharing with people.

And as I often do in my life, I cleared my thoughts and started from a “blank page” [stay tuned for a future post] to make that happen.

What follows isn’t a plan.

It isn’t set in stone.

It’ll be a constant evolution.

It’s what came through me this morning at this stage of creation and evolution of #couchkills

Welcome to #couchkills v2.0


I’m leading a revolution to inspire people to live life powerfully and to live a life they love.

That is the life I’m living.

I will share…

What are the experiences that have brought me to this point in my life?

What are the experiences I’m creating to live life powerfully and to live a life I love?

Each article is a looking glass into how I see the world.

What inspires me.

What I’ve experienced.

What I’ve learned to live life powerfully and to live a life I love.


What are the places I’ve been to that have shaped my life, and the places I’m going to experience?

What are the adventures I’ve enjoyed and what am I excited to still explore and experience?


What’s my take on the amazing and delicious world of all things food. What are the experiences, tastes, ingredients, places I’ve enjoyed and why? Who are the foodies, the chefs, and products I love? What is “Crazy Delicious” to me, in the way I cook, in the types of places I love to eat at and want to eat at?


Who are the sages, teachers, and people that have helped me along my way, that I’m attracted to, whose work inspires me, whose teaching have shaped my thoughts? Who are the people I want to meet, who I want to interview, who I want to collaborate with, and who will I…

My promise to myself, my promise to the reader…

Nothing that is attached to #couchkills is a filler, a throwaway.

I’m sharing stories from vantage points and in ways that chart new courses for personal discovery.

Each #couchkills article will touch, move and inspire the reader to take action for themselves and others to live life powerfully and to live a life they love.

My promise to the readers from our contributors…

Each article from a contributor is a looking glass into how they see the world.

What inspires them. What they’ve experienced. What they’ve learned in how to live life powerfully and live a life they love so that what they share may touch, move and inspire the reader to find that for themselves.

#weightloss #fitness #health #wellness

These have been a strong parts of my life story to date, but this morning, I’m throwing my hat over the wall to create a new conversation for myself and for others to consider to a whole new way to #move beyond those topics unless they’re shared in a way that really pulls for helping someone to live life powerfully and to live a life they love.

That’s my intention… that’s my “plan-less” plan at this moment…

So I declare that “tag you’re it” to live your life powerfully and a life you love!

Last modified: November 9, 2019

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