Monthly Massage: The Best Health Investment You Can Make

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Young woman enjoying a monthly massage.

Studies now support the benefits of a monthly massage at a cellular level…

Do you ever notice that your best ideas usually come when you’re not actively trying to be creative or solve a problem? When you give yourself the time and space to quiet your mind, you allow your brain to be more flexible to think outside the box. It therefore becomes easier to connect multiple perspectives. This, in turn, frequently leads to a new and improved solution.

Monthly Massage – Make a Commitment

A few years ago I decided to commit to getting a weekly massage in order to manage my stress levels. I initially made this investment in order to decrease stress hormones so I would be healthier. I discovered, believe it or not, that it was the best investment I could ever make for my business.

This is because all of my best ideas have come to me during a massage. My intention during this time is to quiet my mind and relax my body, and I used to have a very difficult time turning my brain off. I couldn’t quite shift out of thinking and really focus on simply relaxing my muscles. I found that being actively involved in the relaxation process was important for me. Otherwise, I would just tense up during the experience and not get the relaxation results I longed for.

Monthly Massage – Relaxation allows new solutions and perks for team members

A monthly massage can be a great health benefit.

I occasionally become too focused on my work, as we all do, and so I look forward to massage in order to help me with my writing. I often feel my stress levels growing when I strive to be creative, since I become increasingly stumped for new ideas.

However, when I concentrate on quieting my mind and relaxing my body, without judging myself or the thoughts that come into my head, that’s when I discover new solutions, fresh ideas, and a boost in my creativity. I believe in this concept so much I even made it company policy; all members of our team get monthly massage, or other spa services. My treat!

Monthly Massage – Strategic Massage

When I first started what I now call “strategic massage”, I had to keep a notebook nearby, because I was so concerned that I would forget the important insights that hit me. As I have practiced and become more secure in the process, I’ve been able to actually quiet my mind and let thoughts go. I am confident that anything significant will still be in my brain’s memory for me when I need it.

I still keep a notebook in my bag so I can spend a few minutes post-massage jotting down any ideas that I’ve held onto. However, the most crucial element is that I don’t fight myself between relaxation and trying to hold onto those thoughts during the process.

Even if I can’t immediately remember my new thoughts and observations, I have faith that my brain will properly store those ideas and remind me of them in the future. Especially if I am consistent with my recharge practice during the day, and throughout the week. (By the way, I’m actually writing this section during a recharge break!)

Monthly Massage – Massage Away Inflammation

If you’ve ever experienced massage, you know it makes you feel good by enhancing circulation and relaxing muscles. Studies now support the benefits of massage at a cellular level, namely, reducing inflammation and stimulating the growth of new mitochondria (energy producing cells) in skeletal muscle.

A monthly massage is a great health tool for all ages.

Scientists at California’s Buck Institute for Research on Aging analyzed tissue samples from biopsies on legs at three times: prior to exercise, immediately after 10 minutes of massage treatment, and after a 2.5 hour recovery period. Massage decreased the expression of inflammatory cytokines in the muscle cells and promoted the growth of new mitochondria. This finding provides evidence that massage therapy may be a justifiable part of healing practices for a broad spectrum of individuals. This includes the elderly, those suffering from injuries, or people struggling with inflammatory disease. Considering the impact of inflammation on most diseases of the body and brain, massage would likely be beneficial for preventative measures as well.

Massage is a great way to recharge your body and mind, and I feel that monthly massage is one of the most important investments you can make in your health.

Last modified: November 9, 2019

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