10 Healthy Superfoods That Can Aid in Weight Loss

Healthy Eating

Quinoa is one of many healthy superfoods.

Use delicious, healthy superfoods to help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. It’s as close to a magic solution as you can get!

Don’t we all want that magic solution that will help those pesky pounds melt away without the tiresome effort we have come to associate with weight loss? While there is no one magic solution, there are smaller solutions that are easy to incorporate into your everyday routine. A trick is to use the food you eat to work for you instead of against you, while still maintaining a well-balanced, variety-filled diet, and exercising portion control. Even “healthy superfoods” have a limit of what is good for you in one sitting. As always, defer to your healthcare professional if they have advised against certain foods.

Healthy Superfoods – 1. Avocado

Avocados are one of many healthy superfoods.

You’ve had it ingrained in your head for so long to cut the fat, go low-fat, or fat-free. However, the body needs fat. You just want to give it good fat so you are giving the body what it needs, but satisfying your taste buds as well. By eating good fat like avocado, your body is more satisfied and typically fuller longer. This helps so you aren’t as likely to overeat, because the body signals that it is happy, and the physical urge to eat is quelled.

Healthy Superfoods – 2. Coconut Oil

Having gained popularity recently, what can coconut oil really do to assist in weight loss? It contains medium-chain saturated fatty acids. What? It is a healthy form of saturated fat that is metabolized in the liver and converted into energy immediately instead of stored. Using energy instead of storing it sounds fabulous! Some results in studies also support that it boosts metabolism, which helps keep the weight off. Like the avocado, you are usually more satisfied after having coconut oil, and it can help stave off the munchies (and usually the subsequent sugar rush). Coconut oil has many uses and can be added into smoothies, eaten by the spoonful, used on the skin as a moisturizer (though it won’t necessarily help with weight-loss when used topically), and used as a cooking oil.

Healthy Superfoods – 3. Blueberries

Blueberries are one of many healthy superfoods.

How can something so small be so wonderful? Blueberries are a low-energy, dense food, which means you aren’t consuming a lot of calories per serving. High in fiber, they help how often you are hungry and also help with your digestive system health. Both of these benefits will help with the weight loss or maintenance you desire. Blueberries are also one of the fruits highest in antioxidants called polyphenols, and some studies support polyphenols inhibiting fat cells. Not only are they helping with our slimming desires, but antioxidants have numerous additional health benefits. Blueberries are definitely a “must” for your nutrition plan!

Healthy Superfoods – 4. Wild Salmon

A healthy metabolism is vital for helping you trim, and also maintain the progress you have made. With vital B vitamins, wild salmon can help you with a healthy metabolism to burn energy effectively, along with providing omega-3 essential fatty acids, which, among other things, may reduce joint pain, aid in treating/preventing depression, and increase eye health.

Healthy Superfoods – 5. Walnuts

Walnuts are one of many healthy superfoods.

Falling in with wild salmon for being a good source of omega-3 essential fatty acids, walnuts are another good source of fat. Research provides a good track record with walnuts as a desirable food for prevention of obesity and for weight loss. Part of this is due to walnuts having a higher good fat content, which may help with weight loss due to the anti-inflammatory properties that are present. Chronic inflammation stresses the body and can happen on a cellular level that remains undetected until the damage is advanced. Eating foods with anti-inflammatory properties helps to combat this, creating a more harmonious environment which is more conducive for weight loss, or maintenance, and a healthy body.

Healthy Superfoods – 6. Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah)

With almost twice as much fiber as other grains, quinoa helps you to feel fuller for longer, providing the potential to consume less food. Like walnuts, it is high in anti-inflammatory phytonutrients, which help your whole body be in a more homeostatic state. With high daily values of riboflavin (B2), it may also help stimulate your metabolism.

Healthy Superfoods – 7. Spinach

Your body’s effective and efficient use of energy is affected by iron levels, and spinach is an excellent plant source of iron. It is also a fabulous source of dietary magnesium, which assists in energy metabolism as well as providing benefits for various body systems. It also helps the body internally (bone health, vitamins, minerals, protein source) and externally (hair and skin).

Healthy Superfoods – 8. Beets

Being high in fiber, beets help you to stay fuller longer, which may help you to lose weight without trying.

Beets are one of many healthy superfoods.

Like walnuts, beets have anti-inflammatory properties which may help lower inflammation in the body and create a better internal environment. High in many vitamins and nutrients, you’ll also be adding a healthy option into your food rotation. Steam, roast, grate into baked goods like zucchini, make chips, add to salads or smoothies, or enjoy beets your own way. There are even health benefits in using the beet greens, which have a taste similar to kale. Smart!

Healthy Superfoods – 9. Kefir

With probiotic and prebiotic properties, Kefir helps introduce good bacteria to your digestive system and encourage good bacteria growth. The research isn’t extensive for all the benefits, but it has been suggested that it can assist in weight loss and regulate metabolism among a myriad of other benefits. To get more benefits from kefir, make sure to watch the sugar content for various brands. The added sugar may derail some weight loss benefits.

Healthy Superfoods – 10. Grapefruit

Most of us have heard of the grapefruit diet. While going to an extreme isn’t beneficial for lasting weight loss, there are benefits to including grapefruit into your food plan. Incorporating grapefruit into a well-balanced meal plan may boost weight loss, as well as improve hydration, blood pressure, heart health, and digestion. Along with those benefits and others, grapefruit may also help the skin. Along with a trimmer body, who would complain about better skin to go along with it?

Grapefruits are one of many healthy superfoods.

Healthy Superfoods – Final Thoughts

With so many wonderful foods out there, remember to add variety into your diet so that your body is able to take advantage of various nutrients from a variety of different sources. As a general rule, eat a rainbow of colors with your foods for maximum health benefits and to maintain or lose weight. Foods high in fiber help you to feel fuller longer and can help you not over-consume food. Use delicious, healthy superfoods to help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. It’s as close to a magic solution as you can get. Happy eating!

Last modified: December 2, 2019

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