The World’s Best Tasting Bread Is Hiding Right Under Your Nose


Some of the world's best tasting bread is easy to make.

This Thanksgiving Stuffing Bread is so delicious, it might become a Thanksgiving tradition for your family too!

It’s no surprise that at this time of the year Google is flooded with searches for What’s The ‘Best’ Thanksgiving [fill in the blank] recipe?

Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, dressing, stuffing, cranberry sauce, vegetables, rolls, sides, pies, cakes, cookies, you name it… everyone is looking for something that can take a dish, or all of their Thanksgiving dishes to the next level of Crazy Deliciousness for one of our most favorite American food-fest holidays!

So being known as a pretty creative and inventive Foodie to my family and friends, this year I decided to FINALLY make what I think has the possibility of becoming a Thanksgiving tradition not only for my family but I’m going to be bold enough to say that if you try what I’m about to share… it just may become a family tradition for yours too.

Maybe you call yours “stuffing” or maybe you call yours “dressing”, but no matter what you call it, and how you make it, I doubt for any fan of a traditional Thanksgiving feast, your table doesn’t have one or more stuffing/dressings in the mix.

For me, the stuffing/dressing [I call it either/or, and I don’t know why] is the BEST part of Thanksgiving. And truth be told is if I had nothing else but some stuffing/dressing with some gravy, I’d be more than satisfied that my Thanksgiving was complete.

So I think that’s why I’ve always wondered why Facebook or Instagram isn’t flooded with pics and recipes of what I call “for real” stuffing/dressing bread as a Thanksgiving leftover.

It just seemed so obvious that someone had to have made it, but I never saw it anywhere. Yes, I’ve seen many post-Thanksgiving sandwiches which are made on bread, or a roll with some turkey, cranberry sauce, and some leftover stuffing/dressing thrown in there. Even some fast food places throw some stuffing/dressing on some bread with turkey and cranberry sauce, but more as an accessory to the sandwich vs. a carrier for the sandwich.

Some crazy delicious harvest bread.
Image courtesy of Food52

So I decided to Google “Thanksgiving Stuffing Bread” + “Thanksgiving Dressing Bread” and I found a tasty looking recipe from one of my favorite recipe sites Food 52 like this one for Harvest Stuffing Bread.

Which looks delicious but isn’t what I had in mind to make. This Food 52 “Harvest Stuffing Bread” is a wonderful classic bread-based recipe with Thanksgiving seasonings and I’m sure knowing them it’s tasty.

What I had in mind and was searching for was more rustic, rougher, and looked like a bread that was made with say some classic Pepperidge Farm or Arnold dried, cubed and seasoned bread dressing/stuffing mix [below], not some bread flour and seasonings.

Shocked that I couldn’t find any that were commercially made, and I only found one or two obscure homemade recipes after a long search, I figured I’d throw my hat in the ring and test drive my own recipe and share it with the world.

My recipe follows but, since a picture is worth 1,000 words the pic below says it all.

I’ve had this idea for years and I finally made and it’s #crazydelicious

In simple terms, all you do is prepare your favorite stuffing/dressing in a bread loaf pan, add an egg or two to bind the mixture, and then bake it at 350’ for 30 mins and voila! you have the best bread ever for eating leftover #turkey

Add some #mayo or #cranberry sauce, or both, and you have a great post-Thanksgiving treat.

Recipe – “Crazy Delicious” Thanksgiving Stuffing Bread


1 large onion coarsely chopped
2 celery stalks coarsely chopped
1 tsp salted butter
2 ½ cups chicken broth
1 or 2 eggs [depends on how eggy you like your stuffing… the eggs are the glue, and they make the stuffing bread taste great too]
16 ozs. of your fav seasoned stuffing mix


Sauté the onion and celery with 1 teaspoon of salted butter before adding the chicken broth and then bring it all to a boil.

Pour the chicken broth mixture over the seasoned stuffing mix and stir until it’s all incorporated into the stuffing/dressing mix.

Then add in 1 or 2 eggs to the stuffing/dressing mix.

Then put the finished stuffing/dressing mix into a greased bread pan of your choice and bake at 350’ for 23-30 minutes depending on how moist and crunchy you want the outside of the bread. I preferred how it came out after 30 mins. As you can see in the pic it has a nice brown crunchy crust, and it’s moist inside too.

After the bread is done make sure it’s thoroughly cooled, as the bread will slice best when it’s at room temperature.


I’d suggest you use a very sharp bread knife and test how thin you can cut the bread without it crumbling. I like it thinner than thicker because the bread is very full-flavored and when you make your sandwich you want to the stuffing/dressing bread to compliment and marry with the other ingredients you want to use.

Ok, there you now have the basic stuffing bread recipe. But the great thing about this Thanksgiving recipe is it’s more of an idea that a specific recipe. For my first test drive, I added some cooked sage sausage to my stuffing/dressing bread. And you can pretty much add really anything to this mix… cranberries, nuts, you name it, add in whatever is part of your traditional stuffing/dressing mix.

Simply put, this is pretty much a classic recipe that takes a new form.

I hope you try my Thanksgiving Stuffing Bread, and I would love to hear what you think, what you created, and to see some pics of what you made.

“tag you’re it!”

And I want to send a special shout out to Tejal Rao for his NY Times article “Here Comes The Best Part of Thanksgiving: Leftovers” which inspired me to share this new Thanksgiving: Leftover.

Thank you Tejal.

Twitter: @tejalrao
Instagram: @tejalxrao

Last modified: November 9, 2019

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