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Through the use of various health and workout apps, it is possible to use smartphones and other mobile devices to improve your health and fitness levels.

People spend a great deal of time with fingers and eyes glued to TVs, their computers or their smartphones. The latter have become powerful entertainment systems in their own right and ever-present communication tools. It seems that things have gone a little too far, however. People are wandering the bustling streets like zombies and even adults are not safe from this modern plague. Believe it or not, an average American would rather give up sex and caffeine than a smartphone. Yet, through various health and workout apps, it is possible to use smartphones and other mobile devices in different healthy ways, some of which you might not have been aware of.

The Well of Health

Being a couch potato has many negative consequences both for your mental and physical health. We all know that a healthy lifestyle prescribes different routines, but often we lack the strength to take action. Well, finding a way out of this predicament leads to an unexpected place this time – another screen. Instead of getting rid of your smartphone, you are better off using it for a, well, smarter purpose. Steer away from the dark side of the digital world, and instead, let the technology help you build healthy habits. Today, smartphones can act as your personal trainers, medical experts, and inexhaustible wells of valuable information.

Same Rules Apply

Your tech sidekick is capable of more than you assume, that is for sure. The application market is expanding at a rapid pace, offering us a wide array of both health apps and workout apps. For example, there are a lot of apps that monitor your health and vital functions and/or provide handy tips. Apple’s Medical ID gives users potentially lifesaving information such as medical conditions, allergies, blood types and emergency contacts, information that is accessible even when a phone is locked, by using the emergency function. Other programs like Endomondo keep track of running distance, speed and burned calories. And if your gym buddy is not able to join you, the app will let you challenge them no matter where they are. And, of course, there’s the Fit Bit device and app that pair together to keep track of all your exercising throughout the day.

Endomondo, one of the Best Health and Workout Apps For Your Smartphone

The Big Picture

Rich features embedded in modern gadgets can serve as a great moral booster. Sometimes, merely watching an inspiring video on YouTube is the only thing it takes to step up and get the ball rolling. Also, if you reach an important milestone in training, why not capture your sculpted body with a camera? EyeEm is a great application which allows you to take pictures of everyday activities, and share them with an online community. Even better, it is possible to earn some money on your stunning photos of the food you have prepared or a workout you were engaged in by putting your photos on the EyeEm marketplace.

Witness the Fitness

Some people fall at the first hurdle, unable to come up with a solid workout plan. So, if you have been wondering about the best weight loss program, why not ask your smartphone for an opinion? MyFitnessPal enables users to select the goal, input the food they eat and receive recommendations on the best diet and workout for the task. Similarly, Caffeine Tracker informs you on the best time to drink your favorite beverage and enjoy a burst of energy without sacrificing sleep. If you still have trouble getting a good night’s sleep, try out the Relax and Sleep app which produces ambient sounds ranging from a heartbeat to the hum of an air conditioner.

For Good Measure

Smartphones are versatile pieces of modern tech magic that can be upgraded with numerous other accessories. With an iBGStar blood glucose meter, routine checks could not be simpler. All you need to do to receive the result on the screen is insert a strip and use a lancing device to obtain a blood sample. Skulpt Aim, on the other hand, measures muscle quality and body fat percentage. By leaning your upgraded phone on the biceps, you get a clear indication of your fitness progress and whether some adjustments are necessary.

The Big Bang

A wide range of health and workout apps and features added to smartphones have allowed us to treat these devices as portable sources of inspiration, motivation, and ideation. Technology and health can go hand in hand, and take you a long way in life. A smartphone may help you track and achieve maximum results, break bad habits, and drift off to dreamland after an exhausting day. So, make the most of these digital marvels, without succumbing to the comfort and convenience of lazy pastimes.

Last modified: November 9, 2019

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