Why the Cellerciser Springs Outperform Bungee Rebounders

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Cellerciser creator Dave Hall posing with a Cellerciser rebounder.

Hi, I’m Dave Hall, and for over twenty-five years, I’ve traveled all around this country and different parts of the world expounding the benefits of the mini-trampoline industry. I love this industry. I love what it has done for me. I really believe it saved my life. I’ve received testimonials and letters from customers all over the world, who believe the same thing. It’s most definitely improved the quality of life and that’s my job.

My job is to help people reach their greater health potential. I believe we have one. And Cellercise and this whole program is designed to help you achieve your greater health and your greater health potential. So you have more energy, you have a better lifestyle, you feel better, you perform better, and you’re stronger.

We have a competitor out in the market now that thinks their unit is as good as a good quality steel spring and they use bungee cords. The problem with bungee cords is that, quite frankly, they are rubber bands. They do stretch out. As they get warmer, they become more sluggish. This company is trying to allude to the idea that the Cellerciser is very squeaky.

Well, I’m on a Cellerciser right now, and Jenna, if you can tilt the camera so they can see it. I want you to listen as I’m talking to how quiet the Cellerciser is. There’s nothing magic about this unit. Any time you have good quality steel springs, thank you Jenna, all you need to do is put a drop of oil at both ends of each spring.

Over a period of time, the steel will start to mold and smooth out as it rubs against the different steel component parts. And it becomes quieter, and quieter, and quieter. I oil mine now, this one here, maybe once every year and three months. I oil my personal unit which you’ve also seen, or will see on our website, I oil that once every year and three months. It doesn’t need a lot of oil. And for a unit that is designed to last a lifetime, I think that’s a pretty good feature.

Bungee cords stretch out. When they stretch out, they have to be replaced. But in addition to that, we learn that when you use the bungee cords over a period of time it builds up a glaze on the inside of the actual bungee, where it rubs against the frame. And then it begins to squeak. The problem is you can’t oil it. You’re stuck with it. Or you have to replace the bungees.

[Bungees squeaking.]

Steel springs are very very clean. Bungee cords actually have an off-gassing, and particulates that are broken off of the bungee cords and can fly into the air. Those particulates, especially when you’re working out hard, and breathing hard could potentially be lodged in the lungs. Try to imagine a health club where you have a bunch of bungee cord units out there, everybody’s working really hard, and these particulates are flying around in the air. Probably not a really good thing.

The Cellerciser and the steel springs are clean. They don’t put off those particulates. The mini trampoline industry is not about jumping high. If you want to jump high, get a big trampoline. When you jump high, all you’re doing is floating. The cells aren’t doing anything. The muscles are not expanding and contracting. The valves aren’t opening and shutting. It isn’t weight-bearing when you’re just floating in the air. And yet our competitor will try to say “Hey, when you jump higher, you’re going to get more benefit.”

Female athlete showing knee pain.

Quite frankly, that is not true. And as a matter of fact, the higher you jump, the more g-forces, and if you’re not landing with good support under your feet, and your feet pronate, over a short period of time, a month, you can actually feel the pain that can start to occur in the ankles, the knees, and the hips. Because when you jump high, and you pronate as you come down, that pressure against the joint, it becomes painful. We’ve had numerous customers tell us of that.

WRITTEN CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: “…the Bellicon was much more expensive so I bought it, thinking it should be the best. NO WAY! It’s worse than anything else I have ever tried. It immediately hurt my feet, specifically my arches because it made my feet pronate inwards, I tried many variations of bouncing, barefoot, antipronating, runners, etc. No luck, still hurt me. The bungees also frayed after one week (it costs $75 to replace them), the sellers said I needed the extra strong bungees, still no difference.” – Nick K

So let’s take a look first of all at this bungee cord unit, and I’m going to jump up and down high on it. And you can see that they lengthen the legs, but, and this is not an old unit, but let’s take a look because I want to compare the height of that to the height of the Cellerciser.

OK. This is a Bellicon unit, it uses the bungee cords. They advocate jumping high. I know that they have longer legs, so you can jump higher, even though your body is simply floating. But we’re going to try jumping high on this.

[Dave Hall starts jumping.]
Dave Hall demonstrating the problems with bungee rebounders.

And, as I jump up… I just bottomed out, I just hit the ground. Jenna, I just hit the ground. I … they’re advocating jumping high on this. Um, I want to get a flashlight, I want you to lie down, I want you to see that I can’t even jump that high on this, and I don’t weight that much. Where’s the flashlight? I’ve got a flashlight. Oh, good, you’ve got it. Alright, let’s lie down. Or, if you can take the camera, lie the camera underneath. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe that. I can’t believe that.

OK, good. Alright, now, um, let me turn it down a little bit. Lower setting, maybe? OK, how’s that? OK, can you see that? (Uh-huh.) Alright, can you see that? They’re advocating jumping high on this unit. Are you ready? (Ready.) OK, watch.

[Dave Hall jumps and hits the ground.]

I hit the ground. Did you see that? (Yep.) That was the first jump, and I hit the ground.

[Dave Hall jumps and hits the ground again.]

I hit it again. I’m bottoming out. That thing is…

OK, I didn’t honestly realize that this did not give the support that I really thought it would. If you’re advocating a unit to jump high, you need to have good support. My dad was jumping on a unit that bottomed out, and he was permanently disabled in a month. He came down straight-legged, and the jarring effect was so severe, it put a bone fragment right through his nerve in his lower back.

Um … I don’t know what to tell you. It’s very sluggish. I love to jump. I love everybody who’s in the industry who’s promoting the idea of jumping. That is great. But to compare this to a Cellerciser, or another good quality rebounder on the market using steel springs? Honestly, there is no comparison. I’m sorry. If you have a Bellicon and you like it, great! Use it. Have fun with it. If you start to notice that your ankles or knees or hips are starting to hurt, well, give us a call. We might be able to help you out.

WRITTEN CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: “About four years ago, I decided I needed a really soft bounce. Had previously tried a Bellicon – worse experience I’ve ever had – Sore hips, legs, and feet. When I started using the new Cellerciser … I’m seeing amazing results! I can literally see the fat coming off my waist and belly. I’m truly stunned with what I’m seeing in such a short period of time.” – Rose A.

OK, I’m going to take the bungee cord out of the picture. And, this is the Cellerciser. We use a tri-flex, steel spring. It is a patented spring design. The bungee cords advocate having to use different sizes or weights of bungees, depending on how much you weigh. So if you weigh three-hundred pounds, you’re supposed to get a heavier set of bungees. If you weight a hundred pounds, you get a lighter set of bungees. Well, if you think of the logistics of that in one home, that means every family member may have to have their own unit, and they’re not cheap.

Well, that’s one of the reasons I designed the tri-flex spring. It has a larger diameter in the middle of the spring, and it has a ridge where it tapers and then another ridge where it tapers again. So, whether you’re thirty pounds or three-hundred pounds, you’re going to be utilizing that portion of the spring you need, based upon how high you jump, or how much you weigh. So, somebody weighing less is simply going to be utilizing the center portion of the spring. If you jump or you weight more, then after the center portion stretches, it graduates to the next ridge and the next tier and so forth. It’s the only self-adjusting spring of its kind on the market.

Alright, now I’m going to jump high on this, and Jenna, you can … well, we’ll do the same thing, out of all fairness. I’ll have her lie down, and see how the Cellerciser performs. The whole objective is designed so you don’t bottom out. You create g-forces, but you have good support, and your feet don’t pronate like they do with the weaker rubber bands and that, that’s important. Especially if you’re doing physical activity on it. OK, so, jumping up and down.

[Dave Hall jumps on the Cellerciser.]

You can see, I’m not going to bottom out. And that’s good. We don’t want to bottom out.

So, Jenna, if you want to, let’s lie down and do that same thing with video, so people can see that it doesn’t matter if I’m three-hundred pounds or, you know, fifty pounds. It’s … it’s designed to be a self-adjusting spring. And a three-hundred-pound person’s not going to be jumping high anyway. And I wasn’t three hundred pounds on the bungee cords. OK, I’m going to jump really high.

[Dave Hall jumps again on the Cellerciser.]
Dave Hall demonstrating the benefits of the Cellerciser spring rebounder.

That was high. I don’t know how far away from it I was, but I didn’t feel that I was going to hit or bottom out at all.

You know, years ago, when I was doing my business plan, I was asked, “Who’s your target audience?” And I thought about it, and I said, “People.” Well, they laughed at me and they said, “No, you can’t … you gotta narrow your audience.” And I thought about it for a few moments, and I said, “No, you need to broaden yours.” See, everybody needs Cellercise.

The movement up and down breaks up blood cells, opens up capillaries, increases oxygen and blood flow to the brain, stimulates proprioceptors, stimulates brain activity, it’s all weight-bearing, and we can focus on different areas of the body. So quite frankly, everybody needs it.

The advantage of the Cellerciser is in the tri-flex spring design. Because whether you’re six months old, and being held and gently bounced, or whether you’re over a hundred, we have people of all ages, and all conditions using the Cellerciser. The spring, the steel in our spring, isn’t like typical rebounders. The steel is so strong, it destroyed conventional spring molds. So we literally had to create a tungsten steel mold, just to be able to produce our spring. But the spring is what is the difference. It gives you the support, it gives you the lift. You don’t stand on it and just sink. You apply your g-forces, or weight into the spring, the spring absorbs the weight, and it brings it right back to you.

It’s not how high, and I mentioned this earlier, it’s not how high we jump that matters. It’s how the cells are being challenged. Most of the benefit of the Cellerciser is within the first two to three inches. That’s where you’re creating the g-forces, that’s where the cells are expanding and contracting, the valves are opening, the lymph system is pumping. That’s when you’re building up strength in your muscle mass and your bone density because it’s all weight-bearing, but without jar. The objective is to eliminate the jar. It’s not to jump high.

Woman exercising on a Cellerciser spring rebounder, better than a bungee rebounder.

Height, as I mentioned earlier, just means your body is floating. It’s not doing anything. So on a Cellerciser, as you’re moving up and down, the springs absorb the weight and they bring it back to you. But you can alter the angle of your body in different positions, to focus on different areas of the body, and still know that your foot is well supported. That’s because of our spring design. Or if you’re working on the waist and the hips, you’re coming straight down.

Again, I’ve been doing this same routine for over twenty-five years. Almost twenty-seven years… it is twenty-seven years.

Lower back and buttocks: you just kick out behind you; the gentle twist; the ski movement. There’s a myriad of exercises and we’re going to be teaching you a lot more about it.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee for Cellerciser rebounder.

We welcome you to consider trying the Cellerciser for thirty days, free trial. Give it a shot. If you don’t think it’s a major difference in how you feel, in helping release stress, increase circulation, sleep better, perform better, having more energy, incredible balance, well, go ahead and return it.

But if you’re like most people who are part of the Cellercise family, once you experience it, it’s going to become one of your best friends for the rest of your life.

My name is Dave Hall. I love this industry. I love what we can do to help people. And I’m concerned that, that you have enough information so you can make an informed decision for yourself. If you have any questions at all, you may feel free to give me a personal call.

Dave Hall

Last modified: December 1, 2019

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